Slots Issue

Zoning Issue Could Put a Huge Problem on Slots Issue in Maryland On November 22nd, 2007, zoning problems could potentially kill the biggest slot machine proposed gaming location in the state, even if voters approve[…]

Jackpot at Slotland

Yukon Wins the Progressive Jackpot at Slotland After attracting gamers for several weeks, the progressive jackpot prize at Slotland worth $163,476 dollars has been hit on May 25th, 2010. A player named “Yukon”, who has[…]

Groups Push

Worcester Fraternal Groups Push for Slot Machines On March 18th, 2008, fraternal groups told the Worcester County Commission that they want slot machines to be featured in their halls and to help earn more for[…]

Pushes for Slot

Worcester County Non-Profit Organizations Pushes for Slot Machines A proposal that would permit service clubs and fraternal organizations in Worcester County to operate slot machines to raise funds for charity will be reviewed by state[…]

Slot Machines

Worcester County Fraternal Organization Wants Slot Machines On February 18th, 2008, fraternal organization majority voted that they want slot machines to be offered in their gaming halls in Worcester County. The county is the only[…]

Woodlands Racing

Woodlands Racing Track Closes Operation for the Time Being On August 16th, 2008, pari-mutuel racing in the state of Kansas has come to an abrupt end-at least for the time being. The Woodlands had its[…]